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5 Ways to Make Your Winter Vestibule More Inviting

As the chilly winds of winter blow through Chicago, it’s essential to make your winter vestibule a warm and inviting space for you and your guests. The vestibule serves as the gateway to your home, and with a few thoughtful touches, you can transform it into a cozy and welcoming area. 

Whether you have a spacious foyer or a small entryway, here are some ideas to make your winter vestibule more inviting.

Hang a Colorful Wreath on the Door

First impressions matter; a vibrant wreath adorning your front door sets the tone for what lies beyond. Choose a wreath that complements the winter season, such as one with pinecones, holly berries, or a touch of frost. 

The winter vestibule in Chicago deserves a pop of color amidst the white landscape. A wreath is a warm greeting, instantly adding charm and character to your entrance.

Place a Rug or Mat Outside to Keep Feet Warm and Dry

Winter in Chicago means snow, slush, and wet shoes. Protect your floors and keep your feet warm by placing a sturdy rug or mat outside your entrance. A rug prevents dirt and moisture from being tracked into your home and provides a comforting surface for guests to wipe their shoes before entering.

Add Candles, Lanterns, or String Lights for Ambiance

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your winter vestibule with the warm glow of candles, lanterns, or string lights. Candles in decorative holders can be placed on a table or shelf, infusing the space with a soft, flickering light. 

Lanterns add a touch of elegance and can be hung or placed on the floor, providing both illumination and a charming aesthetic. String lights can be draped along the walls or around the doorframe, adding a magical ambiance to your entrance.

Put Out Some Cozy Seating Like Rocking Chairs, Bean Bags, or Benches

Take advantage of your winter vestibule by incorporating comfortable seating options. Rocking chairs or cozy bean bags invite guests to relax and enjoy the winter scenery. 

If space allows, consider placing a bench where visitors can sit while removing their boots. Providing a seating area creates an inviting space where guests can pause, unwind, and feel at home even before stepping inside.

Install an Outdoor Heater if Possible

Chicago winters can be unforgiving, but you can combat the chill by installing an outdoor heater in your vestibule. These heaters are designed to provide warmth while being safe for outdoor use. An outdoor heater will keep you and your guests cozy and extend the usability of your winter vestibule, allowing you to enjoy the space for longer periods.

Winter Vestibules in Chicago: Creating a Welcoming Entrance

Winter vestibules in Chicago can be made more inviting with simple additions and thoughtful touches. Hang a colorful wreath on the door as a warm greeting, place a rug or mat outside to keep your feet warm and dry, and add candles, lanterns, or string lights for a cozy ambiance. 

Consider incorporating cozy seating options like rocking chairs, bean bags, or benches to provide comfort and a place to relax. Install an outdoor heater to combat the cold and extend the usability of your vestibule. By implementing these ideas, you can create a welcoming entrance that sets the tone for a cozy and enjoyable winter.


Winter Vestibule Enclosure

The Dangers of Storing Winter Vestibules Outdoors in Spring

As the weather turns warmer and winter melts away, many business owners may be tempted to store their winter vestibules in New York City outdoors for convenience. Unfortunately, storing vestibules outside in spring can expose them to hazards that could cause severe damage or even destruction if not appropriately addressed.

Some business owners justify outdoor winter vestibule storage because it saves them money short term. However, the damage outdoor storage can do to your winter vestibule will cost you far more in the future. This is why you must take advantage of our winter vestibule storage options.

This article will discuss the dangers of storing winter vestibules outdoors during this season and provide tips on protecting your investment from potential harm.

Issues Caused By Unstable Ground Conditions

Unstable ground conditions can be a significant danger for winter vestibules stored outdoors in spring. As the temperatures rise and the ground thaws, the soil shifts and settles, leading to unbalanced and unstable surfaces. 

This is because water from melted snow and ice seeps into the ground, causing it to move and settle unpredictably.

This can lead to the winter vestibules sinking into the ground or becoming unbalanced, making them unsafe for use and potentially damaging the structural integrity of the vestibule itself.

You must ensure your winter vestibule is stored on a solid, stable foundation to prevent this. If you hire us to remove and store your winter vestibule in New York City, you can rest assured it will be safe. We have indoor storage facilities where your vestibule will be housed.

Moisture Cause Rust

When exposed to moisture outdoors, metal parts in winter vestibules are especially prone to rusting. When stored outside, the metal components are exposed to moisture and can start to rust due to oxidation. 

Rust is a major problem that can put the structural integrity of your winter vestibule at risk.

Rather than cutting corners and storing your winter vestibule outdoors, you must contact our team. We can remove, store and re-install your vestibule when winter returns.

The Risk of Insect Infestations

Insect infestations are another danger associated with storing winter vestibules in New York City outdoors. When stored outside, the vestibule is exposed to various insects, including termites, ants, and other pest species.

The moisture and warm temperatures present in spring can attract these pests, leading to severe damage to the structure of your winter vestibule. To avoid this, you must take advantage of our indoor storage services. We will make sure your vestibule is stored in a secure and pest-free environment.

The Threat of Theft and Vandalism

Theft and vandalism are additional dangers winter vestibules stored outdoors in spring face. It is not uncommon for these vestibules to be targeted by criminals or pranksters who may attempt to steal or damage them. We can keep your winter vestibule damage-free until it is re-installed.

We Store Winter Vestibules in New York City!

Do you want to avoid the problems covered in this article? If so, work with a company that specializes in storing winter vestibules in New York City!

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Prefabricated Entry Vestibules versus custom vestibule enclosures. What’s the difference?

If you are looking to buy a vestibule or lobby for a building that was built without one, you may come across a variety of products and information online.  One term that is used often in the industry is “Prefabricated Entry Vestibule”.  But what exactly does that term mean?  And how are “prefabricated” vestibules different from “custom” vestibules? Read on to find out.

The term “prefabricated”, by definition, means to “manufacture sections of (especially a building or piece of furniture) to enable quick or easy assembly on site“.  So a prefabricated vestibule or lobby is one that is manufactured off site, then transported to your location for installation.

You would think the opposite of prefabricated would be “custom built” or “made to order”. But something can be “custom built” or “made to order” and still be manufactured off-site as well, which makes the terminology a little confusing.  There is a slight difference in that completely prefabricated structures generally do not come in custom lengths or sizes, but are one-size-fits-all, like manufactured homes and other stand-alone structures.  But vestibules are meant to integrate with an existing building and are generally not one-size-fits-all.  The sections can be built off site, but must be designed specifically to meet the needs of the onsite building after careful measurements are taken.

Since “custom” and “prefabricated” can be confusing terms, to avoid that, often in construction they use the term “stick-built”, to describe something that is “built with wood entirely or largely on site“.

An advantage of not using the “stick-built” or completely built on site method is that prefabrication saves time and money.  No permits are generally required to install the precut materials, as opposed to on-site construction which always requires a permit.  Also, your entryway can be installed very quickly if some of the sections are created ahead of time.  This saves you both time and money that you may have to either close the business or use an alternate entrance.  Our clients never have to close for the installation process because we can build your custom vestibule in just a few hours.

At New York City Signs & Awnings we design and manufacture “custom built” or “made to order”  vestibule and lobby enclosures. We take measurements of your building and entryway and design the lobby or enclosure to fit exactly around your entrance for a perfect fit.  Our sections are manufactured or “pre-fabricated” off-site in our local manufacturing facilities, then transported to your site for installation.  So, in sense, they are both “custom-made” and “pre-fabricated”.

Our popular winter vestibule enclosures use galvanized metal frameworks and marine grade outdoor fabrics that are cut to fit your building perfectly, then installed over your entry way.  We can create small entry vestibules, medium lobby size enclosures, or large room size patio, storage, or event space enclosures. We also design and manufacture glass vestibules and glass lobbies.

When you call us or request a quote online for your winter vestibule enclosure, our team will come out to your building, survey and take measurements, and send you an architectural rendering of what the finished product will look like when completed.  We have a variety of color options to choose from and you can also add logos, graphics, and custom fonts.

Our custom winter vestibule enclosures or prefabricated entry vestibules are the perfect way to protect your customers and guest from the frigid weather, and to add an element of style to your entryway.

Call us today or request a quote online to get your custom prefabricated winter vestibule enclosure.