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Winter vestibules and patio, lobby and custom room enclosures provide a barrier from the exterior elements to your restaurant, cafe, hotel, business, or store.


Winter Vestibule enclosures are a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your establishment and protect your customers, employees, or the occupants of your business from the cold air blowing in every time the door is opened to the space.

They create a barrier between the interior of your building and the cold air outside. Seasonal enclosures can be configured in many ways and can be used for a multitude of different applications. They can be made as a standard door covering, fit the front of your building to create a waiting area out of the cold, and they can be designed to provide additional seating for restaurants or any other business establishment.

These affordable and beautiful Sunbrella fabric covered awning style enclosures, wind doors, sidewalk vestibules, fabric awning enclosures, wind barriers or seasonal vestibules have many names.

What ever you call them they all serve the same purpose to block the wind and cold and provide additional comfort to your patrons that are eating at your restaurant, purchasing products in your retail store or market, enjoying drinks in your bar, or checking into your hotel.


Winter Vestibules are structures that are installed over an existing doorway in order to create a lobby or entry vestibule space when a building does not have one. They can be installed on either the interior or the exterior of the building. This barrier will make it possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in the space by preventing the cold wind from directly entering the building.

Winter Vestibules keep cold air, wind, rain, snow, and sleet out by providing a barrier between the interior space and the outside elements.  When a building lacks a proper built-in lobby or vestibule space, every time someone opens the door it can let cold air in and warm air out. This can make things uncomfortable for your patrons on the inside who may be sitting near the doorway.  A small vestibule can provide a “buffer zone” in the form of a small entry space with a second door that can be opened and closed without letting in cold air or letting heat out. This keeps a comfortable temperature inside your establishment and keeps your patrons happy.

Since winter vestibules are temporary or seasonal structures, most businesses find they are not required to obtain a permit for them. You can check with your local authority for regulations.  Some localities have specific requirements for these types of structures. Most cities have no specific codes for temporary wind barriers and they are usually permitted if installed for the winter months only.  We offer storage plans for off-season.

All of New York City Signs & Awnings Winter Vestibule Enclosures are made from durable, sustainable materials.  We use galvanized steel or aluminum heavy duty tubular framing all of our coverings are durable outdoor marine grade fabrics by Sunbrella® Fabric.  We also offer other coverings such as colored sheet metal with a baked on painted automotive finish, aluminum composite material Dibond, and custom large format digitally printed fabrics and vinyl materials that can have any image or graphic represented on your enclosure.

We also offer beautifully designed and built glass vestibules for the interior or exterior of your building.  These provide a modern, elegant look. and are permanently installed on your building.

We custom design and manufacture each vestibule to fit your unique building needs.  They can come in any size, from a small one or two person entryway to a medium size lobby.  We also manufacture and install large patio enclosures that can be used for restaurant dining space, garden rooms, hotel or resort lobbies, storage space, or other uses.  Check out our photo gallery to see some examples of winter vestibules that we have installed for our clients.

Of course!  All of our winter vestibule structures are custom manufactured and designed to meet each of our clients unique needs.   You can choose the color of your fabric, add any logo and graphics or text, add any number of windows and doors, and choose the overall size and shape of your enclosure.  

Winter Vestibules can stay up year round in some locations, or they can be removed and re-installed each season by our technicians.  We offer off-season removal, cleaning, and storage plans. You may also remove them yourself if you choose to.

You should store your Winter Vestibule in a cool, dry place out of the direct sunlight and covered from the elements for best results. New York City Signs & Awnings offers storage plans.  Our plans include removal of your vestibule, annual maintenance and cleaning, storage at our locked facility and reinstallation for the following season.

Vestibules range in cost depending on the size and your unique requirements such as windows, graphics, etc.  Smaller vestibules cost less than larger custom enclosures.  The best way to determine cost is to request a quote from us and we will be able to tell you exactly how much your winter vestibule or custom enclosure will cost.

Contact New York City Signs & Awnings today to request a quote on your custom enclosure or entry vestibule structure.  We proudly serve businesses all over the east coast including those in within New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington D.C. We also serve the Chicago area.

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