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Custom Commercial and Residential Temporary Vestibule & Patio Enclosures in Washington DC

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Winter Vestibule Manufacturing and Installation for the Washington, DC area

Winter Vestibules in Washington, DC have been a growing need for many years. As rents get higher, it becomes that much more necessary to do all you can to provide a comfortable space for your patrons to enjoy your services free or being uncomfortable due to it being impossible to maintain a comfortable temperature in your restaurant, bar, hotel lobby or retail store. Designed with functional architectural appeal in mind, our vestibules remain durable yet can be easily broken down for removal and storage. To ensure quality of our vestibules, every unit is fabricated from a heavy wall extruded aluminum tube, double welds along with heavy duty, commercial grade hinges as well as self-shutting hardware on all doors. All of our coverings are done using marine grade Sunbrella fabrics.

Custom Commercial Winter Vestibules and Outdoor Dining Enclosures in Washington, DC

Winters can be harsh in the Washington DC metro area. You can keep your patrons happy and comfortable inside your building by preventing unnecessary drafts and cold wind from entering when your doors open. Many buildings in Washington DC are designed poorly when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your restaurant or hotel lobby, and thus are susceptible to these drafty conditions. A temporary winter vestibule is the perfect solution for your drafty area, restaurant, store or ground floor offices or office building lobbies in Washington, DC. Our vestibules can be configured to any size or building shape, and designed in any color and with your company graphics or logo. The framing for these structures is sturdy and made from stainless metals, while the fabric is a durable outdoor fabric that is long-lasting and easy to care for. We also offer removal, cleaning and storage services for your temporary fabric vestibules so you don’t have to worry about them in the off season.

Custom Patio Enclosures in Washington DC

Looking for more space to house hungry or thirsty patrons? A custom seasonal enclosure can be a great way to add usable winter space that is comfortable and a magnificent addition to your restaurant or hotels outdoor catering facility. These enclosures can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Your enclosure can be designed with windows and screens and multiple entry doorways. We offer a variety of color options to match your building’s exterior. Our vestibules and dining area enclosures can be installed under an existing awning structure or designed to include an awning or roof if you do not currently have one. Our technicians expertly fit your enclosure to your home and ensure that it creates a tight fit against your home and that it will keep the rain, snow and sun out all year long.

Commercial Winter Vestibule and Patio Enclosure Installation in Washington, DC

New York City Signs and Awnings is proud to serve as one of Washington DC’s premier winter vestibule enclosure manufacturers and installers. We offer an expert graphic design team that will help you create the look you want and our fabrication team will make it come to life! We offer installation, maintenance, and storage solution services as well. Request a quote online or call today to find out more about our custom temporary vestibule enclosures.