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Commercial Winter Vestibule: How to Choose the Right Company

The weather in New York is notoriously severe. If you’re a firm that cares about its clients, equip yourself with measures to keep them safe during extreme weather. Vestibules are a fantastic method of ensuring convenience and ease for your clientele. But how do you know which is the right company for the job? There are two key factors to consider:

#1: Materials Used
New York Awnings and Signs staff are equipped and ready to install your winter vestibules. We use custom designs, logos, and typefaces to promote your company’s success. We make the vestibules out of Sunbrella vinyl fabric. That’s because this material is resistant to fading caused by ultraviolet light. It also comes in a wide variety of colors that we may choose to complement the aesthetics of your company.

We offer reliable frames; if you’d like, we can make them in the same color as the fabric in the vestibule. Our frames are crafted out of metal, and the range of metals we provide includes the following:

Aluminum is a popular and efficient choice for building a high-quality vestibule that will last through years of harsh weather.

Coated Aluminum Powder
Powder-coated aluminum is resistant to corrosion even in severe climates while maintaining aluminum’s lightweight properties.

Stainless Steel
We use steel for custom vestibules because of its durability, low maintenance requirements, and shiny appearance.

#2: Services Offered
A reputable firm should offer you more than just a commercial winter vestibule installation. They should also do the following:

  • Vestibule Repair. Eventually, all vestibules will wear out. Our technicians can usually fix the vestibule in a short amount of time.
  • Vestibule Removal. You need to hire a company that can do vestibule removal. We’re happy to dismantle it for repurposing or disposal. If you need somewhere to put your vestibule, we can help.

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Office Winter Vestibule: The Benefits of Installing Winter Vestibules

A vestibule is a small foyer or hall located just inside the main entrance to your building. With New York City Signs and Awnings’ diverse selection of building technologies, we can design and construct a wide variety of winter vestibules to suit your needs. We install entry vestibules in hotels, offices, hospitals, and other commercial structures. Adding the vestibule when the building is entirely operational is typical. Here’s what office Winter vestibules offer:

#1: Security
Installing a prefabricated vestibule to an existing building is a common way to increase security at a facility. These structures serve as a “mantrap” at the main entrance to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the building. These entrance vestibules can serve some security purposes. Impact-resistant, Ballistic-rated, and bullet-resistant are some of such enhancements that can thwart brute-force attacks and conform to whatever security standards are necessary for the office.

#2: Safeguard Your Building from Adverse Weather
Heavy foot traffic at multiple entrances may cause a significant amount of the heated air the HVAC system produces to escape the building. It’s a waste of money to leave the door open since it causes the utility bill to rise. An office winter vestibule installed before the door can significantly reduce this energy use. It might also help maintain a more consistent temperature inside the building. The front desk staff will also appreciate not being exposed to a blast of icy air whenever a new guest arrives.

#3: Health Screening Area
A building’s vestibule can serve as a screening area for visitors and employees. That allows for a safe and pleasant screening process for guests and screeners as they check temperatures upon entering the building.

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Why You Need a Restaurant Winter Vestibule

Different businesses are rapidly adopting winter vestibules. Here’s why you need to consider one for your restaurant:

The front of a restaurant can also benefit from a well-designed entryway. Curb appeal is essential when folks stroll about and seek a spot to eat. Thus, a well-designed vestibule with warm colors and patterns can boost your restaurant’s visual appeal and attract more guests.

Even though it’s not much to look at, adding a vestibule to the entrance of a restaurant is an excellent method to keep the cold out and give customers a comfortable place to wait. While many vestibules are modest, those a little larger can comfortably house a good number of visitors all at once.

The vestibules of eating establishments serve the practical goal of shielding patrons from the elements as they enter and exit the premises. Yet vestibules also present an opportunity for direct advertising. You can display the restaurant’s name, emblem, and other identifying information prominently on the vestibule’s exterior, helping potential customers decide whether to enter the establishment. It can be even less hassle to entice customers by handing out menus or posting QR codes that lead directly to the restaurant’s website.

Every eating establishment can benefit from having a customized vestibule. That allows for the possibility of vestibules at various entrances to restaurants. Even mobile eateries like food trucks and stalls can benefit from adding a vestibule. As a result, vestibules have many applications that help the business and its customers.

Investment in Utilities
Maintaining a comfortable temperature in a restaurant can be challenging when patrons are constantly coming and leaving the building. That means you’ll have to turn up the thermostat higher in the winter (or the air conditioning lower in the summer) than usual, significantly increasing your energy bill. The extra insulation provided by a vestibule in a restaurant helps save money on heating and cooling bills by keeping customers more comfortable.

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3 Top Benefits of a Winter Vestibule for Your Establishment

A vestibule often works as a buffer between the indoors and the outdoors. It also helps trap the air and minimize heat loss during freezing winter temperatures. Over the years, the winter vestibule has become quite popular because of its far-reaching advantages. Let’s explore some of the benefits of a winter vestibule.

1. Energy Efficiency is One of the Key Benefits of a Winter Vestibule
A winter vestibule helps you save on those abnormal energy bills that accrue in a typical winter. The outdoor air can quickly permeate the inner space once you open the door. Extreme foot traffic doesn’t help, so the HVAC overworks to maintain proper heat flow. The winter vestibule mitigates against too much outdoor air, helping keep the temperature within yourestablishment.

2. A Winter Vestibule Shields Your Property from the Elements
A winter vestibule is a cushion against all sorts of dirt, debris, and dust finding their way into the inner spaces of your establishment. It means your entire area, including the floors, windows, and furnishings, stays much cleaner. Don’t worry about dust accumulation that could pose allergy concerns for anyone.

3. Custom Winter Vestibules Can Help Create Various Workspaces
Depending on your workspace needs, a custom winter vestibule can cater to the front, rear, or side entrance. The design can enclose both sides of the vestibule with an exterior doorway. As if that weren’t enough, you can also construct windows into a new wall or door. The custom vestibule, even though tiny, can still feel bright and spacious.

There are plenty of benefits of a Winter Vestibule. But the biggest of them is that it makes an outdoor one feel like an indoor one. For example, surrounding your patio, walkway, or terrace with the vestibule allows people to enjoy the warmth and safety of an enclosure without venturing into the inner sections of your establishment.

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Winter Vestibules

Prefabricated Entry Vestibules versus custom vestibule enclosures. What’s the difference?

If you are looking to buy a vestibule or lobby for a building that was built without one, you may come across a variety of products and information online.  One term that is used often in the industry is “Prefabricated Entry Vestibule”.  But what exactly does that term mean?  And how are “prefabricated” vestibules different from “custom” vestibules? Read on to find out.

The term “prefabricated”, by definition, means to “manufacture sections of (especially a building or piece of furniture) to enable quick or easy assembly on site“.  So a prefabricated vestibule or lobby is one that is manufactured off site, then transported to your location for installation.

You would think the opposite of prefabricated would be “custom built” or “made to order”. But something can be “custom built” or “made to order” and still be manufactured off-site as well, which makes the terminology a little confusing.  There is a slight difference in that completely prefabricated structures generally do not come in custom lengths or sizes, but are one-size-fits-all, like manufactured homes and other stand-alone structures.  But vestibules are meant to integrate with an existing building and are generally not one-size-fits-all.  The sections can be built off site, but must be designed specifically to meet the needs of the onsite building after careful measurements are taken.

Since “custom” and “prefabricated” can be confusing terms, to avoid that, often in construction they use the term “stick-built”, to describe something that is “built with wood entirely or largely on site“.

An advantage of not using the “stick-built” or completely built on site method is that prefabrication saves time and money.  No permits are generally required to install the precut materials, as opposed to on-site construction which always requires a permit.  Also, your entryway can be installed very quickly if some of the sections are created ahead of time.  This saves you both time and money that you may have to either close the business or use an alternate entrance.  Our clients never have to close for the installation process because we can build your custom vestibule in just a few hours.

At New York City Signs & Awnings we design and manufacture “custom built” or “made to order”  vestibule and lobby enclosures. We take measurements of your building and entryway and design the lobby or enclosure to fit exactly around your entrance for a perfect fit.  Our sections are manufactured or “pre-fabricated” off-site in our local manufacturing facilities, then transported to your site for installation.  So, in sense, they are both “custom-made” and “pre-fabricated”.

Our popular winter vestibule enclosures use galvanized metal frameworks and marine grade outdoor fabrics that are cut to fit your building perfectly, then installed over your entry way.  We can create small entry vestibules, medium lobby size enclosures, or large room size patio, storage, or event space enclosures. We also design and manufacture glass vestibules and glass lobbies.

When you call us or request a quote online for your winter vestibule enclosure, our team will come out to your building, survey and take measurements, and send you an architectural rendering of what the finished product will look like when completed.  We have a variety of color options to choose from and you can also add logos, graphics, and custom fonts.

Our custom winter vestibule enclosures or prefabricated entry vestibules are the perfect way to protect your customers and guest from the frigid weather, and to add an element of style to your entryway.

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