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Why Leaving Your Winter Vestibule Up Year-Round is a Bad Idea

Business owners in NYC are all too familiar with the need for winter vestibules as protection against cold weather. However, leaving them up during the spring and summer months can be a costly mistake. 


With pests, mold growth, and rising energy bills, it is easy to see why leaving business winter vestibules in NYC up year-round is a horrible idea. This is why you must hire our team to remove and store your vestibule until winter.


Read on to learn why you shouldn’t leave your winter vestibule up after the cold season ends.

Uncomfortable Temperatures

Leaving the business winter vestibules in NYC up during the spring and summer months can lead to extremely high temperatures that are uncomfortable for customers, employees, and visitors alike. This is due to heat accumulation in the vestibule as it traps warm air.


This can be especially troublesome for businesses that rely on foot traffic to be profitable. If you want to keep your employees and customer comfortable, you need to hire our professionals to remove and store your winter vestibule.

The Risk of Heat Damage

The sun’s heat can cause serious damage to items stored in or around business winter vestibules in NYC. Exposure to UV rays and extreme temperatures can weaken materials, warp surfaces, and even cause electronics and other sensitive items to malfunction. This is especially true for plastic decorations, chairs, tables, and other furniture often placed in and around vestibules.


To avoid damage, it’s important to take down the winter vestibule before temperatures rise too much. With some professional help, you can get this job done quickly and correctly.

Pest Problems

Without proper ventilation, a business winter vestibule left up during spring and summer can become an inviting place for pests and insects. The trapped heat and humidity create a hospitable environment for these unwanted visitors.


From spiders, ants, and mosquitoes to cockroaches, flies, and other pests, these critters can be an unpleasant surprise to customers and staff alike. Even worse, they can carry disease-causing germs that could spread around your business and put your customer’s health at risk.

Unnecessary Maintenance & Repairs

Leaving winter vestibules up all year round can lead to unnecessary maintenance and repairs that can be costly for your business. Regular inspections and fixes are needed to ensure that the vestibule is still secure and capable of providing protection against the elements.


This includes checking for cracked frames, patching broken screens and seals, replacing warped materials, and more. Plus, the vestibules will need to be thoroughly cleaned occasionally to get rid of dirt and grime that can accumulate over time.


These extra expenses can add up quickly, especially if you don’t have a professional team to help you maintain the vestibule. Hiring a professional team that can quickly remove and store your business winter vestibules after each cold season ends is best to save time and money.

We Remove and Store Business Winter Vestibules in NYC

Want to avoid the problems detailed above? We have lots of experience removing and storing business winter vestibules in NYC.