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Small Entry Vestibule


If you just need a barrier between the interior and exterior of your building to stop the wind and elements from entering as your customers do, a small entry vestibule is the perfect solution.

These vestibule enclosures allow a person to enter the vestibule, then close the outer door before entering your establishment.  
For buildings that lack a built-in vestibule or lobby, winter door vestibule enclosures are a cost effective way to protect your patrons and save money on heating.

Medium Lobby Enclosures

For a larger entry lobby, our medium sized enclosures work well.  Multiple people can enter and exit at the same time, while still keeping the interior safe from the harsh exterior elements.  You can create any number of doors or windows for your temporary entry lobby, as well as create a unique waiting area inside to help manage crowds and keep your guests warm and comfortable while they wait for their seats in a restaurant lobby, or while they come and shake off the cold.  Many customers create areas for boots, hats, coats, umbrellas and other items to be stored, saving valuable indoor space.

Medium Lobby Enclosure
Large Custom Room Enclosure

Large Cafe, Garden Room, Porch, Pool and Event Space Enclosures

We can create large size custom enclosure to completely cover and protect larger areas such as cafes, garden rooms, porches, indoor pools, or event spaces. 

Many bars and restaurants rely on their outdoor spaces for year round business by enclosing a porch area and placing heat lamps throughout the space.  

Glass Vestibules & Glass Lobby Enclosures

For a more permanent look and solution, we design, manufacture and install glass vestibules and glass lobby enclosures.  These structures are an elegant way to keep the aesthetic of your building looking both modern and stylish, while creating an insulative barrier between the interior and exterior of your building.