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Medium Lobby Winter Vestibule Enclosures

Medium Size Winter Vestibule Enclosures for use as Lobby or Waiting Area

A medium or lobby-size winter vestibule enclosure is the perfect solution for when you need more space for entering and exiting guests.  They can provide a small lobby where multiple guests can wait out of the cold, rain, and snow, while insulating your building from the harsh exterior elements.  You can create a small waiting area with seating, hat and coat racks, or a place for umbrellas and other foul weather items so that your guests can store them safely at the entrance to dry, rather than have to bring them inside your restaurant or business. A lobby can also attract passersby into your establishment by offering a warm safe place for them to stop and view a menu, look over a playbill, or peek into your business.  Many guests will feel compelled to come in after warming up inside your lobby area.

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