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Why You Need a Restaurant Winter Vestibule

Different businesses are rapidly adopting winter vestibules. Here’s why you need to consider one for your restaurant:


The front of a restaurant can also benefit from a well-designed entryway. Curb appeal is essential when folks stroll about and seek a spot to eat. Thus, a well-designed vestibule with warm colors and patterns can boost your restaurant’s visual appeal and attract more guests.


Even though it’s not much to look at, adding a vestibule to the entrance of a restaurant is an excellent method to keep the cold out and give customers a comfortable place to wait. While many vestibules are modest, those a little larger can comfortably house a good number of visitors all at once.


The vestibules of eating establishments serve the practical goal of shielding patrons from the elements as they enter and exit the premises. Yet vestibules also present an opportunity for direct advertising. You can display the restaurant’s name, emblem, and other identifying information prominently on the vestibule’s exterior, helping potential customers decide whether to enter the establishment. It can be even less hassle to entice customers by handing out menus or posting QR codes that lead directly to the restaurant’s website.


Every eating establishment can benefit from having a customized vestibule. That allows for the possibility of vestibules at various entrances to restaurants. Even mobile eateries like food trucks and stalls can benefit from adding a vestibule. As a result, vestibules have many applications that help the business and its customers.

Investment in Utilities

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in a restaurant can be challenging when patrons are constantly coming and leaving the building. That means you’ll have to turn up the thermostat higher in the winter (or the air conditioning lower in the summer) than usual, significantly increasing your energy bill. The extra insulation provided by a vestibule in a restaurant helps save money on heating and cooling bills by keeping customers more comfortable.

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