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Office Winter Vestibule: The Benefits of Installing Winter Vestibules

A vestibule is a small foyer or hall located just inside the main entrance to your building. With New York City Signs and Awnings’ diverse selection of building technologies, we can design and construct a wide variety of winter vestibules to suit your needs. We install entry vestibules in hotels, offices, hospitals, and other commercial structures. Adding the vestibule when the building is entirely operational is typical. Here’s what office Winter vestibules offer:

#1: Security

Installing a prefabricated vestibule to an existing building is a common way to increase security at a facility. These structures serve as a “mantrap” at the main entrance to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the building. These entrance vestibules can serve some security purposes. Impact-resistant, Ballistic-rated, and bullet-resistant are some of such enhancements that can thwart brute-force attacks and conform to whatever security standards are necessary for the office.

#2: Safeguard Your Building from Adverse Weather

Heavy foot traffic at multiple entrances may cause a significant amount of the heated air the HVAC system produces to escape the building. It’s a waste of money to leave the door open since it causes the utility bill to rise. An office winter vestibule installed before the door can significantly reduce this energy use. It might also help maintain a more consistent temperature inside the building. The front desk staff will also appreciate not being exposed to a blast of icy air whenever a new guest arrives.

#3: Health Screening Area

A building’s vestibule can serve as a screening area for visitors and employees. That allows for a safe and pleasant screening process for guests and screeners as they check temperatures upon entering the building.

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